We are Epoxy Technicians

and have out-performed and out-lasted countless other coatings salesmen and contractors in this business. Our lifelong clients have dubbed us with the nick name, "The Goop Guys".
We intimately understand every product we use. Every job requires site
considerations, safety reviews, traffic exposure, preparation techniques and
customer preference. We are self sufficient and require no micromanagement. We provide fast and courteous service on all job sites.
Decades of experience in concrete repair, decorative finishes and protective coatings have taught us that working with the best products available results in the best possible outcome for our clients. Our clients do business with Mountain West Polymers because of our integrity, loyalty, service and consistency. We demand and have found the same in our suppliers and partners.
Attention to detail translates to the best result for you. MWP and
our suppliers are accredited members and participants in education
organizations such as: NACE, SSPC, International Concrete Repair Institute,
and American Concrete Institute to name a few.
"Goop Guys" receive extensive training in polymer applications and in on-
going safety assertiveness training for industrial situations, custom fit for
each job site. We use state of the art machinery in preparation and application to put us ahead of the curve and to get the job done exactly to your specifications.